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The Strong Desired Purpose

Living is a desired purpose, but often we forget what living is all about. Humans posses different qualities and as a result we seek assurance by what seems to be lacking, with reassurance we always find a pillar to hold on, but why do so inside the Shell?

This post is to free you of your incumbent to always think it’s Mandatory to live a certain way, do this that way and say that this way. If this speaks to you as I indite here on, pretermit all thoughts of alienation as they are the root course that drove you into that desire to affiliate.

Allow yourself to be without, allow yourself to wonder of what is, that is not,
Allow your mind to illustrate the concept of no conceptions. What a wonderful gaze that is and without limitations.

Outside The Shell means you are no longer obligated to authority, no longer viable to isolation and can at most be and enjoy your own personality. Leave your Shell today and go do that one thing you always wanted to do alone.

Appreciate yourself more and live to please yourself more by doing what makes you happy daily.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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