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See The Lighter In Your Hand

It is very common for us to feel pain, grieve loss, have our feelings hurt, cry in despair and endure feelings of loneliness and in doing so we sicken our minds, then our bodies become submissive to the state, bringing us closer to that dark corner where no one can reach us.

What then, what circumstances should follow next, is there a way out or is that how things will be, is it the new norm?

Growing up you probably have heard or learned “there is light at the end of the tunnel” but who said you must wait to reach the end of the tunnel for you to be ok and see the light?

What if you could stop, stand still, pause and take a deep breathe, allow yourself to feel the emotional trauma and then stop. Clear your mind, think, close your eyes and listen, listen to the noise around you, what is it saying? Let your senses listen deeper, listen to your body , what is it saying to you?

Turns out you have a lighter in your hand, and you’ve been ignoring it all along because you’re so focused on your pain and grieving so much that you have forgotten that you had the one thing you needed to restore yourself, to let go of what you can’t change, light your way and break free from the tunnel only to receive light and happiness you deserve.

Sickness is a term used to describe any unfriendly feelings, bad situation or unfortunate circumstances you may inherit, it’s a representation of self and the state you find yourself in. The lighter represents your ability to change your circumstances and find better solutions that will free you from your undesirable circumstances to your best self and find harmony.

During sickness is a time of despair, great sadness, feelings of loneliness, weakened bodies unable to gain strength and losing ourselves slowly. Remember you’re not alone, you were never alone, the idea to isolate yourself and try to resolve things alone was never a clever idea, it only makes things worse for you and pushes the people close to you away. It’s sad but what will they do?

However with your mental capabilities, you understand, during sickness is the time you reach out, step out of your comfort zone and let them , those who hold you dear and care lots for you , you let them in, and as you listen, you get closer to the solution, mentally free yourself because you are not your circumstances, they do not control you, you are in charge, take back what is yours and once again, top of the food chain going from strength to strength.

Just like when it started with a decision, it will end with a decision. Your life is always in your hands, your happiness is always within your reach, stop, think and listen clearly, what you need to take back all that you deserve is in your hands.

See The Light…er

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