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Experience is nothing if it is not shared! I mean why would you not want to share your experience?

Experience is there whether it is good or bad, it is there to help you in your decision making process to be better than before. You’re unlikely to make the right choices if you are inexperienced or have no one to guide you.

Remember that first time you made a decision and things didn’t go as planned? What was that like, how did you feel, would you repeat the same mistake? I would assume not, but you learned a thing or 2 didn’t you?

Now think about your friend, sibling, even someone you haven’t met residing on the other side, do they need to make the same decisions you made when you could just share your experience and possibly help them? I think not.

Your experience has helped you make better life choices, help others make better decisions too. Just share on our app that we developed just for people like you and myself. Download it from the play store.

Experience Is Nothing If It Is Not Shared!

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When you share and you talk or write out your experience, there is this beautiful amazing relief and you feel freed, not only that, but also knowing someone has benefited from your experience can change how we as people connect. You and I can change the world by sharing.

Choose to help others, those inexperienced and unable to make the right choices that would be good for them whether they willingly know it or not, just someone reading what you went through could challenge their thinking processes into better actions that lead to better results and ultimately better days.

So download the all new My Experience app and start sharing your personal experience to help your friends and families through their tough times. Safe a life, depression is Real.

From us, till next time… Take care!

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