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It is always and will forever be human nature to seek a life of beauty and honor, to be happy under the sad tree and do our best to make the rainy days sunny through our actions, through our daily interactions with our significant others, families and friends. While it is possible to achieve great and ever lasting happiness, it’s also challenging to maintain it when others constantly hurt you – do things that drive you mad and always trying to undermine your own authority over what you can achieve, either in our relationships, our families and our respective work places. I am here to kindly  assist and teach if not to encourage you into being the best under bad circumstances. DaBlaqSuit wants you to be your greatest, because when you do great, life is amazing. We hope you will find meaningful articles and quotes that will help you discover ways to cope, to live better and love more to encourage long life happiness… Enjoy the read.

During Sickness

Interesting Things To Know About  It is very common for us to feel pain, grieve loss, have our feelings hurt, cry in despair and endure feelings of loneliness and in doing so we sicken our minds, then our bodies become submissive to the state, bringing us closer to...

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How To Be Patient

Interesting Things To Know About  Every single time you want to say something, THINK! Patience is “The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious” as define by google dictionary. When you understand the definition...

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The Art of Depression

Your Top QuotesIn our everyday lives we come across difficulties so much that nowadays it’s so easy to lose yourself, lose hope, faith and dwell into a cumbersome state that is unkind and not accommodating of our harmonious relationships. Before we get into how...

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How To Ignore What They Think About You

Interesting Things To Know About Which is more important, what others think of you, or what you think of yourself? What’s your identity? In a world full of silos and people who live for themselves, why is your own identity compromised, uncared for and misused! I come...

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Invest In Yourself

Interesting Things To Know AboutInvest, invest, invest they kept saying, but did you truly understand what that meant? Let me talk about what it means to invest and the benefits of investing, now hang on 🤚, remember whenever a topic is introduced to you, have an open...

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Interesting Things To Know About Worlds apart, through and through, words are defined as distinct meaningful elements of speech or writing used with others or alone to form a sentence that has purpose. Ok, so why words? It is common to say the “Toungue” is dangerous,...

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True Self ❤️

Interesting Things To Know About Welcome back to DaBlaqNews for another experience under the influence of “Social Expectations”. Today we dive into morals , behavior and the illusion of occurrences. Love but do not trust, listen and hear more when you quiet, forgive...

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Interesting Things To Know AboutI understand human emotions, and the desire to fit in, but by fitting in, you’re always accommodated and you never get to grow as you would expect as your energy is focused on observing and taking but never acting upon what’s shared. As...

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Outside The Shell 🐚

Interesting Things To Know AboutLiving is a desired purpose, but often we forget what living is all about. Humans posses different qualities and as a result we seek assurance by what seems to be lacking, with reassurance we always find a pillar to hold on, but why do...

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