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Your Associates

I understand human emotions, and the desire to fit in, but by fitting in, you’re always accommodated and you never get to grow as you would expect as your energy is focused on observing and taking but never acting upon what’s shared.

As I grow up with my surrounding peers and always fighting to succeed in this life of uncertainty, I’ve come to meet people who love to see other people succeed in all their works of art.

My message to you, my dear friend, Associations. Understand what association means and what your role is and how it contributes to your own growth. Never try to fit in, always find your value and what you bring into the composition, and together towards a common goal, you will achieve greatness.

Associate yourself with people you will continuously learn from and they will learn from you, join communities and groups that will empower and help you grow as you contribute to their success for common wealth, but never sacrifice your own for another, for great deeds always benefit both parties in an unending struggle.

Believe you are smart and align yourself with those who are smarter, believe you are great and be with those who are greater and better yet, always be open to learn for there is always something you don’t know, never be shy to ask for the knowledge received will benefit you a great deal.

Love, respect and care for your peers that you associate yourself with as they continue to contribute towards your life’s experiences, goals and dreams that you desire to achieve.

Remember, association is key to personal growth.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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