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How to beat 2020 like a Boss

Life is pretty much a tale of your endless decisions until you finally rest for good. Here is some decisions you could make to make your 2020 the best and achieve your goals for real.

Some decisions are good for you, some are not so good, I mean you could tell how you feel after making them. So what can you do differently this year, how can you make the most of it with what you have and what could the ultimate results be if you did commit for real.

Financial Literacy

I’d like to start with your money. Your money is very important in anything you do, it acts as a stimulant, an enabler. Money is emotional, and when you make emotional decisions, it overplays and you could end up in a mess.

How can you avoid this? Well you can’t, but there is something you could do, you need to learn financial literacy, it’s more than counting money, but understanding it.

Financial Literacy – The ability to understand how money flows in a cycle. Assets VS Liabilities, Savings VS Investments, Income VS Expenses.

When you are financially educated, you tend to make the best decisions with your money, even when you have or earn a little salary, you are able to make the best of it.

Being financially educated gives you an advantage to always have money to spend on the things that really matter to you.



Your career or career choice is important. The right career choice will give you a great year to look upto, you will wake up daily to a job that is fulfilling, enjoyable and encourages you to grow and learn new skills as you progress and become more valuable in your department.

On the flip side, a wrong career choice will leave you depressed, filled with anger, always tired and blaming everyone for everything going wrong. Sometimes you don’t have the greatest boss or the best colleagues, but changing jobs might not solve the problem. Re-evaluate your career choices.

For you who is still looking, I know you have sent CVs, applied to different posts and replied to too many callouts and yet you are still unemployed. It’s tough isn’t it?

I can relate, but that should not stop you from trying new options, perhaps learn a different skill and use it to start your own business instead of waiting for someone to hire you, why not be your own boss for a change?

If you are still unemployed, in 2020 you should employ yourself.

Recommended: 1.





Let’s face it, some of us choose lifestyles way beyond our means of affordability not to mention the struggles to maintain the lifestyle which often leads to depression, anxiety and self inflicted solitude.

I understand completely what it feels like to want to impress someone who doesn’t even care how you slept last night or what you ate this morning, sometimes it is not even about that, you just want to have that lifestyle, I mean why not?

But if it hurts you, is it really worth it? I hope not.

A dear friend of mine said to me – ‘Live within your means’.

I found that very funny because if I did live within my means, I would not be where I am today.

I am not encouraging you to live beyond your means, but I am inspiring you to live close to the lifestyle you want so that you are encouraged daily to work and attain that status so that you can comfortably afford the lifestyle you deserve.

That is what I did.

None of these things are easy to do, but they are doable and you will be surprised if you gave it a chance.



Once you are financially literate, have made the right career choice or in my case decided to start your business and you are comfortable with your lifestyle, I mean really comfortable, then you will  realise that you have dreams that need attention.

Some of us we neglect our dreams because we are too focused on what we have and don’t have, where we are in life versus where we want to be and who’s attention we want but not getting because of abc.

Dreams are important, because believe it or not, they give your life a purpose.

I am not referring to “Who you wanted to be growing up”, “Where you wanted to live” and “What you wanted to have”.

I am talking about the most important dream – What you wanted to do – your true desire.

You probably have forgotten about it because of all the noise surrounding you.

It is time to take a step back, make the right decisions – if you make the wrong ones again, learn from them and get back on track asap – be comfortable and that dream will come back to you so that you could live a fulfilling life.



Happiness is an abstract concept spoken about over and over in multiple articles, talk shows, meet ups etc and yet people don’t understand what happiness is.

In simple terms, happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment which in my understanding comes when everything is going well in your life.

Well let’s start here – No one is responsible for your happiness, you are 100% responsible for your happiness.

Stop blaming other people, your partner, your family, your occupation or any other thing for you not being happy.

First things first, ask yourself why you are not happy, find the root cause, then find a solution.

If you are struggling then seek help. We are always available and willing to help you regain your life back.

I can’t tell you how to be happy, but I can advise you to always put yourself first without being selfish, choose you every time and if you are happy, we are happy as well.

The resultant of this article is for you to be happy in 2020 and beat it like a boss.

There is no step 1, step 2 of how to live life, but your decisions will determine what becomes of you.

This is how you beat 2020 like a boss.

Key take aways from the article?

  • Learn Financial Literacy
  • Choose the right career to follow or be your own boss
  • Do not hurt yourself with a lifestyle that takes a lot from you to maintain.
  • Don’t forget your dreams
  • Take full responsibility for your happiness.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Wealth. Friendship. Love

Yours Truly


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