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Interesting Things To Know About

Ever heard someone say “You’re a Brand”, maybe the term “Brand Ambassador” comes to mind? Yes, just like a Brand Ambassador for any given company, it’s image is very important to the culture. Your image, reputation, what people see and how you do things, your values and principles are the “Brand” people see and admire or aspire to be, like when you’re a role model and people look upto you. This is what we call a good brand, this is what you want. If I am right, then let me take you through it and teach you how to present yourself well and sell yourself as the greatest Brand.

How To Be Patient

Interesting Things To Know About  Every single time you want to say something, THINK! Patience is “The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious” as define by google dictionary. When you understand the definition...

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How To Love Reading

Interesting Things To Know About Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think School is a discipline most of us grow up hating, not because we don't like education but because of the system and how over time it gradually irritates most...

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The Difference Between Success and Failure

Interesting Things To Know About  The reason why people fail in life is the same reason why 95% of world’s population confuse the two. Yes, I do agree people have set opinions about the two, it's commonly acceptable to have your own opinions, but sometimes what we...

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Competent Communication

Interesting Things To Know About A Competent Communicator is a person whom can show strong communication skills in self-awareness, empathy, Comprehension and Cognitive complexity. It is well known this is highly a practice on toastmasters club, there are 10 of them...

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Understanding Comprehension

Interesting Things To Know About According to google dictionary, Comprehension is the ability to understand something. This may seem simple “ I understand”, but when you think about it, and trying to apply it your life, have you really understood? I have been in...

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Learning as a Hobby

Interesting Things To Know About We like to play, silly games, in fact amazing games like FIFA, Call of Duty... We are always on our apps either chatting or reading what’s on a blog, sometimes or always, we are on twitter reading and laughing at those memes, but when...

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How To Grow

Interesting Things To Know About Growing is a skill, now now wait before you think otherwise, first understand that a skill once acquired even a 100 years later you can still use it, why? Because you have mastered it, it’s your second nature and an ability that can...

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Mind Discipline

Interesting Things To Know About When we are present within ourselves and choose to do what makes us happy, and this includes not only smiling and being joyful but also feeding and naturing our minds so that we can be disciplined. If you make a new start at something...

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Mindfulness Brain Training Streak (10 Days)

Interesting Things To Know About Forcing yourself to do something you have never done before takes time to adjust, it’s challenging as you need to train your mind to conform to the change and accept the new possibilities of becoming better – adapting to change. Making...

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