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According to google dictionary, Comprehension is the ability to understand something.

This may seem simple “ I understand”, but when you think about it, and trying to apply it your life, have you really understood? I have been in countless situations whereby I thought I understood what was being said, if I was being taught something, I thought I had comprehended well.

It seems simple but it’s not.

First, how do you know that you have a good understanding? You should be able to apply the knowledge, you should be able to replicate the information as accurately as possible and you should be able to teach others about what you understand.

Teaching comes in many forms, that could be as simple as explaining to someone else, don’t go too far in thoughts about sitting in a class and teaching, just stay here and be present.

If you always understand and comprehend very well, you will always yield positive results because your actions will always be based on accurate information, and this will give you a sense of clarity on a different level than most.

Learning to comprehend comes from the ability to listen actively as you have learned in “How to grow” and being actively engaged as you are 100% present.

After you comprehend, you then apply what you have learned in your understanding to provide a solution to the proposed challenges, situation or just being there for him/her.

This really goes a long way, something so simple as Comprehension can lead you into a life worth living as you would be clear in your decisions. While I can do so much , you have to do everything. Do you comprehend?

Hahahahaaa…. 🙂

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