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It's Easy To Do and It's Easy Not To Do

The reason why people fail in life is the same reason why 95% of world’s population confuse the two.

Yes, I do agree people have set opinions about the two, it’s commonly acceptable to have your own opinions, but sometimes what we think, opinion or not, is just nonsense, the sooner we realize it, the better we can allow ourselves to be re-educated and set straight to the right path.

We want things – good things to happen to us, we want wealth, great health and to live life longer to enjoy such nice -haves, but what are we doing about it when we realize what we are doing is not working it’s not getting us anywhere near to our set goals.

You can be very successful at failing success it’s easy I can tell you, that’s why I can tell you don’t know the difference between success and failure, but first let us define what success and failure means:

 According to ‘google Dictionary’:

Success – a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains fame, wealth, etc.

Failure – the neglect or omission of expected or required action

Both have one thing in common, the “Task” that you are required to do. If you do the task and you do it right, you attain an achievement – that is pure success. If you do the task wrong or don’t do it at all, then failure will cloud you.

If you are doing something wrong, then find out how to do it right so you can be successful.

The key is not doing the same thing and expecting different results- No that’s insane – it’s knowing when to consult, opening your mind to new ideas, new ways, anything that will get you closer.

If you understand what I just said, then you set for greatness.

It’s easy to be successful, to be rich and attain great wealth, to have families and live happy lives with our friends. It’s easy to be successful, billions of people have done it, I have and so can you. It’s easy – repeat that with me – it’s easy, it’s easy to be successful.

Listen to me, let me show you how – am not telling you theory, you must be practical.

You need to find opportunities; the world is full of them. Take one, try, fail, take two, try, fail and so on and on, keep trying go at it and never stopping. One door closes, another opens. One opportunity leads to another. They are lots and lots of opportunities for you, you need to search for them, and see if you can’t better your life, your career, your health and your bank account. Never run out of opportunities.

On your journey find a teacher, a teacher willing to teach you. One that will tell you messed up, it’s a mess everywhere and s/he will show you the right path, show you the next things you should do so that you’re in a better place, closer to your wealth, health and a brighter future.

You must be willing to learn, pay attention and do your tasks right.

Change your life by simply learning, doing what is required to achieve that desired aim.

Now here is how you can change your life from now onwards, to win this game – refuse to be part of the cycle and allow yourself to receive light, open yourself up and let me educate you.

The government is the same,

Interest rates are the same,

The PayScale is the same,

Royalties are the same,

Circumstances are the same,

The economy is the same,

The unions and structures and their philosophies are the same, what is going on around you is the same. If you want success then you must not be the same, refuse to be the same. Change! You can do it, I did it, opened my eyes and saw what was happening and realized everything was the same, so I changed.

If you want to, you can continue to wallow about how life is not fair. Stay the same the rest of your life.

People cannot do much for you, if one of your friends or relatives turned from negative to positive, what would that do for you, for your future and your fortune – not much. If prices came down what would that do for your future – not much. If the economy got a little better what would you do – not much. What can the winning party do for you-not much.

If you don’t make plans of your own, you’ll probably count on to fit in someone else’s plans, and what can they do for you – not much. You fail to plan, you fail to act, then you fail. You must change, commit and act. Only you can make a difference.

In the next 6 years I want you to be different, to effect change. change yourself and everything else will change, success will follow you, passive income – wealth, health, relationships, love. Everything will change, do this and you will never be the same. Take charge.

Make a promise to yourself to change, don’t try to change the government, you don’t have to change the prices, you don’t have to change the taxes forget all that, it won’t do you much.

Change your mindset, change how you think, change your philosophies, start picking up new ideas and information, gather new knowledge and make better decisions about what is valuable.

If you change, it will all change.

Wish for wisdom to make better sales and find opportunities, utilize the wind that blows to take you wherever you want to go. It’s easy to be successful and it’s easy to fail. The things that are easy to do are also easy not to do – that’s the true definition of the difference between success and failure.

We neglect to do the easy things that can bring us wealth, healthy relationships and better everything. Find things you can do to bring you fortune and keep doing it because it’s easy. You make music, it’s easy right? you play sport, dance, code, engineer stuff? it’s easy right? why not do it to attain wealth, not to be an employee – no, start your own corporation, a company and never neglect to do the easy things that will make you rich.

The reason why we don’t have what we want is because we neglect to do what is easy, it’s easy not to do anything – something that we love so much, money must fall from the sky, with jets outside my house and a theatre in my bedroom with the view facing the moon every night. Stop neglecting to do the easy thing that can bring you happiness.

The moment you realize it’s you that must change, you will find that it’s easy. This stuff is easy to figure out. Take the easy approach. Find the easy thing to do and do it. It’s easy to be rich, it’s easy to attain wealth and it’s easy. Find the easy thing to do, if you can do it, then it’s easy.


Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly


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