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4 Ways To Make It A Habbit Part 4

A Competent Communicator is a person whom can show strong communication skills in self-awareness, empathy, Comprehension and Cognitive complexity.

It is well known this is highly a practice on toastmasters club, there are 10 of them CC1 – CC10, each with a unique skill to be learned and once mastered, you are proven to be very confident in communicating with a broader audience or just with your peers and at work with your colleagues.

This helps you to be aware of your own thoughts, feelings and actions, to comprehend of others and respond mindfully. There is always a better way to say something, even the most harsh things can be said in a welcoming manner and still effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings.

So by learning this , what an amazing communicator will you be? Public speaking would be a breeze, conversation with friends would always be great and what about your relationships are home? Mmh, I see conflicts being resolved at ease, everyone being present and understanding of one another, that’s the dream. Live it!

To get you started, these are the 10 Competent Communication Skills you should learn to actively listen, act appropriately, be mindful and effectively communicating your thoughts to anyone.

1. Ice Breaker
2. Organize Your Speech
3. Get to the Point
4. How to Say It
5. Your Body Speaks
6. Vocal Variety
7. Research Your Topic
8. Visual Aids
9. Persuade with Power
10. Inspire Your Audience

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Although this is a certification from joining the toastmasters club and doing all the speech based on each skill, it also helps you in your life, in your communication skills, in your understanding, in your learning experience and this contributes to your wellbeing of how you cope and react when faced with a challenging or an unpleasant situation.

Learning these skills was an amazing experience and I apply them to my everyday life, I had to share and I want you to be happy, to learn and be actively present in the things you do so you can retain the information that you learn.

This is how you make personal growth to be a habit, you are engaged, present, you understand and communicate well. You continue to learn daily and apply most of the knowledge to your everyday life, this is how your happiness begins…

When you done with Part 4, you should now have 100% strategy to make personal growth a habit like I have. If you have not read the other 75% knowledge then head over to “Self Growth” under Categories and start with “How To Grow” – part 1.

Inspiring you to be greater and better than yesterday.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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