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4 Ways To Make It A Habbit Part 1

Growing is a skill, now now wait before you think otherwise, first understand that a skill once acquired even a 100 years later you can still use it, why? Because you have mastered it, it’s your second nature and an ability that can never be taken away from you.

Bearing this same concept, once you have learned how to grow, it will become second nature, an ability that will stay with you eternally, through and through you will learn to harness it and with this skill, live a happy better life.

In life you can either grow or stay the same. Growth is progressive development of the mind, body and ora around you. Being able to receive information, understand and react in a manner that will yield positive results for you.

So how do you grow?
Step 1: Self Investment
Invest in yourself. Understand that life is not about you just living, eating, working, having relationships and being outgoing – having fun. You need to look after yourself, not necessarily on how you look, like dressing well, getting enough sleep, going to the gym to exercise or meet girls and boys.

I mean investing in your mind, the most vital organ of your body. Before you sleep or after you wake up, make it a habit to meditate, play a game that challenges your brain to be analytical and engaged for 5min the least, read a book – just one paragraph would do.

At first it will be challenging, but allow yourself to slowly progress, take it a day at a time, in the mornings then in the evenings. Before you know it, your mind is invested and you’re growing.

You will be more engaged, more involved and more thoughtful. This will allow you to be able to learn new things with ease and applying this daily to your life will leave you with a steady increase in growth that is well groomed.

– Meditate
– Play brain challenging games
– Read a book (a paragraph)

Step 2: Always listen
Active listening is a technique that has been practiced for many generations, it allows you to be completely engaged when you are reading a paragraph in a book, when you are meditating, when you are playing a game that challenges your mind.

While our mind tends to wonder whenever we are doing an activity, using this technique trains your mind to engage with you to concentrate more, understand the information you are receiving, respond appropriately and then remember what is being said on the passage, while you meditate even better when you playing the game – reaching high scores.

Using this technique everyday will help you grow significantly and you will have more healthier relationships, increased productivity at work and living life better.

In your mind there is information that is not helpful to you and there is information that is very important to you. Thoughts come and go, but we always choose what is kept.

I learned that we remember the unnecessary things more than the necessary things, but by proactively applying the above two steps, you can be assured to always be top of your game.

The 2 steps combined form an impeccable Growth Skill that can be used all your life, being actively engaged with your peers, great performance at work and being at peace with yourself.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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