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Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

- Albert Einstein

The Pleasure Brain

School is a discipline most of us grow up hating, not because we don’t like education but because of the system and how over time it gradually irritates most of us whom also wish we’d be done already. But to the contrary we love learning, we love our schools and teachers and the buddies we made that would either yield eternal friendship or break along oneself journey.

How did we come to a point when we stopped learning by reading, our brains need and desire information for processing and creativity. We need to indulge deeply in the act of reading and learning what we don’t know.

“Education is key” a common phrase used to encourage people to learn, but what are you learning if the information is crooked and aimed at making you submissive to the system in which you are trained to work for since ‘Reception Year’?

Reading is anything from a magazine to a fantasy series of books about amazing fictional characters. It’s reading but not so much as learning than separating it from entertainment.

I’ve had people say to me “I read all the time”, but how often has what you read influenced you positively to change your circumstances? Are you reading a poster about the next international celebrity coming to SA, or a magazine on a life of another? How is it good use to you and what benefits do you get from knowing such? Start asking the right questions so you can get a head start.

How to love reading is not for entertainment, is not for gags and laughs, not for day dreaming and wishful thinking, not for knowing who bought what where how – when especially it does not impact you directly nor indirectly.

It’s for the seekers of wisdom, those drooling to get out of the rat race, the ones ambitious and unsettled, eager to go and change what is impossible to make it possible. This is for you, the true believer of change. It starts with one article, a few pages and then translates into a book. Keep Reading!

Now if you’re reading this, you need to separate information you breed into your life from what impacts you and can sustain or give you clarity on how you can grow or improve in certain aspects of your life, from what is not valuable and is time wasting.

I have come to understand that in my past I lacked vast knowledge that could have changed my way of living and how I think and act on a daily basis. I found out that information could have made me a better person than I am today, including my well-being, finances and relationships. However I was negligent and I wasted my time on things that had no meaning or would in any way change my situation any different.

The most powerful organ you have is your brain and it’s ability to think, suggest and become creative. If you don’t use these, then you need to start doing something, start Reading…

But how do you read when it’s so daunting and makes you sleepy on the title of the page? If you ask someone to read, they rather sit and watch TV, the most preferable thing to do second to smart phones. So where do you get the motivation to switch off the TV and start reading past the first chapter, to take an hour of your time before you sleep to read two paragraphs? Where? I mean, how do you even start?

It’s when you start reading books, newspapers, magazines and posters that add value to your life, when you have a stronger reason than your reality, reading becomes ones’ best pleasures of life. Feed yourself with information that is vital to your growth, information that teaches you about your money to become financially literate, information that tells you a story about occurring events that can change your life negatively or positively. That’s exactly when, that’s exactly how you start and it becomes second nature. Start Now!

What drives you? What do you want to achieve? What is your most desired outcome of this life you live? All these questions need you to think, pledge to yourself and understand the true essence of the life that was given unto you. Once you answer these questions, research begins. Research on how you can achieve them, such includes in-depth reading, not necessarily occasionally but very intuitively.

This is a time when reading is the next best thing you could ever do for yourself. The biggest investment your time can ever be spent on is yourself.

While I will not take you into the steps of how to start reading, maybe I can write a separate step by step article on where to start, this article aims at drawing your attention to acknowledging that you need to start reading on information that adds value directly and indirectly to your life.

You start loving to read when you have a strong desire to change your circumstances. That’s putting yourself first.

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