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15 Days Meditation

When we are present within ourselves and choose to do what makes us happy, and this includes not only smiling and being joyful but also feeding and naturing our minds so that we can be disciplined.

If you make a new start at something and struggle to commit, it’s because we are not present and our minds control what we do as if we lack motivation, that’s not true, we must take back and start doing exactly what we commit to do.

Meditating has been a wonderful experience and I do it daily. It is starting to reflect positivity,  it keeps me in check and gives me a sense of calmness so I can deal with tasks at hand.

I am actively training my mind to do what I tell it while also giving it freedom to wonder and then taking back control again. This allows me to be present, understand my situations and respond appropriately without breaking any chains.

I would encourage you to start meditating and commit for 30 days. Join me and millions of others in this challenge if you haven’t, and if you already have been meditating, Kuddoos 🙂 please share with us your experience in the comment box below.

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