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What's Your Identity

Which is more important, what others think of you, or what you think of yourself? What’s your identity?

In a world full of silos and people who live for themselves, why is your own identity compromised, uncared for and misused!

I come bearing wonderful news, your identity can benefit a huge deal when you start to understand yourself, you can drive the change in your life and be who you truly are. Status is an idea you want to portray to others , irrespective of if you can manage it or not, the real question is, does it come off easy or does it strain you to achieve that status on a daily basis?

Either answer should tell you about how you feel about yourself, if things are difficult and you’re living a life that you cannot maintain as in you’re always taking away a lot of energy to achieve the status, then thats not it, change , identity yourself and redefine how you want to live better…

I remain unapologetic for not knowing what the society expects me to know, but I take pride in my identity, ensure I come first and it’s never compromised.

Trust me, you can do this, you can breathe easily, find a job that’s attractive to you, drive your way to excellence, if you simply go back to the drawing board , look at the tracks you have taken and change direction, do this repeatedly until you find yourself and your true identity to live life better and longer.

Happiness is at arms reach, just take it and be yourself,

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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