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Worlds apart, through and through, words are defined as distinct meaningful elements of speech or writing used with others or alone to form a sentence that has purpose.

Ok, so why words? It is common to say the “Toungue” is dangerous, has the ability to hurt, speak misfortune and at the same time bring joy and happiness. Mmh?

Q? Is it really the “Tounge” or is it the “Words” that do all the above? Ok.

Moving on, lol… It is important to understand what you say to others that is in a way should not be interpreted in the manner you did not intend, always be clear and precise. Take consideration to be careful of what you choose to say for it may be held against you, once spoken, never can be undone.

We humans are precious little souls, dear hearts, child minded , consumed with dreams to live life big and continuously strive to come out top, where we are and in what we do. But,

Along these lines are “Words”, capable of killing us, killing our dreams, killing our abilities to see possibilities, capable of deceive and deceitful nature…

The native is to look beyond, hear what you desire and filter all that seeks to stand in your way, believe that no amount of words can belittle you, talk you down and loose hope, promise yourself that you will stand by you, stay positive and choose “Words” that help others grow, so that they too may see the beauty of this world.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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