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Melancholy. Dejection. Pessimism

In our everyday lives we come across difficulties so much that nowadays it’s so easy to lose yourself, lose hope, faith and dwell into a cumbersome state that is unkind and not accommodating of our harmonious relationships. Before we get into how depression works in it’s best form, let us first define what it is so we can better understand the underlying concept and to be informative of what to expect.


According to Google dictionary, depression is ‘feelings of severe despondency and dejection.’.

In simple terms, you are in a state of great sadness, you feel lonely and without purpose. You isolate yourself into a cubicle, one without air to breathe. You are experiencing loss of hope and not willing to do anything, you are helpless. In essence your spirit is down.

Remember it’s not end of the world, any minute from how you are feeling, those same feelings can change. That’s why feelings are always unreliable. Never rely on your feelings period.

So now that you understand what depression is, let’s look at why you are depressed and if there is any hope at all, of course there is 😊.

Am I depressed? Possible Causes

This is not a rhetorical question but asking yourself this question repeatedly can change the results to a different answer, ahahaaahaa this is not “insane”. Scientifically proven *rolling eyes*.

So, are you depressed?

Study shows causes of depression can easily affect you from a simple bad day to not getting what you want. In a quick view this is what causes depression. Although we know depression is a state of “feeling down”, lets see what causes that “feeling” to overwhelm you with great sadness.

  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Guilt
  • Weight loss/gain
  • Less Sleep (Sleepless Nights – from anxiety)
  • Sadness and
  • Loss of interest in favourite activities.

It is true once you stop doing what you love, your world kinda turns upside down and it’s easy to lose hope in that state because the things we love, our favourite activities are the main things that excite us, and we look forward to in our everyday lives. The above causes are just the main I touched, while there are others, it’s important to understand why and what caused your depression, so you can better know how to deal with the state going forward.

Deal with depression and freedom

For every downside there is an upside, something you should always look forward to. Just like after every darkness there is light, always stay positive. I want you to understand that it’s ok to not get what you want, it’s ok to lose that you love so dearly. There is absolutely nothing wrong with losing interest, you’re growing up – getting stronger, emotionally, mentally and most importantly physically. No one ever gets through by giving up, by being negative and showing no progress. These things take time, allow yourself to heal, do not isolate, be around and talk to those that love and support you.

Finding a solution to your depression may not be easy, but the following steps can go a long way in bringing you back to life, practice them all the time.

  1. Admit you are depressed and you need help
  2. Talk to whomever you trust and is open to share anything
  3. Confront your feelings
  4. Act to change your state

The above 4 steps can lead you to a permanent solution to solve your depression state and be happier again.

If you really want to get out, change your situation and be happier again, start by making the right choice and take the first step.


Depression is slick, it can ruin your career, relationships and leave you utterly miserable. In its greatest form men have fallen, it’s art is one that acts promptly and leaves no chance for coming back. Do not be a victim ever!

There is always another way, a better way to dealing with any situation in your life without harming the peaceful aroma around you, without pushing those who love you away, without ending up in solidarity mode.

Before making any decision at all, confront your depression. If you can do something about it, then do it – but in the right way where you will benefit and continue your life as was before.


Yours Truly

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday


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