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What is important is how we relate to our thoughts and how we acknowledge becoming distracted by them.

- Headspace

Day 2 - Keep Training

Day 2 of the “Brain Train” is a journey to self-growth, meditation and learning analytical skills.

I decided to do this twice a day, at night before I sleep and, in the morning before I start working. They say it takes 22 days to get used to a routine, change or to be common to tasks and today its day 2 signed and sealed.

I intend to stay focused, unshaken and will determined to achieve the goal of some day calling myself a meditator and being a driven unique individual in the essence of creativity, problem solving and solutions architect.

If you had decided to join me in this awesome journey of self-discovery through meditation, that on its own a new skill, well-done…

Please comment below with your thoughts and progress.

I use Headspace for meditation and Lumosity to build up my analytical skills, if you are using a different app or have a personal class you attend, please comment below with what you got going on for you.

See you tomorrow.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly


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