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Reaching Runners High

Forcing yourself to do something you have never done before takes time to adjust, it’s challenging as you need to train your mind to conform to the change and accept the new possibilities of becoming better – adapting to change. Making time to do something is like making an enormous effort to change your life in one go, not possible but with time it is. Patience needs endurance.

However, dedicated you must do this, and with time it becomes part of you, the mind learns to accept the change, and slowly adapts then it’s second nature. This is where we are striving to get to, making something so part of us that, without it, our day wouldn’t start off well because this is good for us, in our relationships, in our constructive habits and learning to engage more with the mind, the people around us and the environments, including all living organisms.

We want to be at peace with the world. Meditation feels great, a sense of clarity and control over your thoughts can go along way. The ability to resist to act on impulse is amazing because we would be in control of our minds and emotions, clear to think constructive actions that lead to positive results. Nothing can get to you, it’s like wearing an armour made of Vibranium, don’t you want that? Hell, I do!

This initiative has been an amazing one, while I struggle bad with keeping my finances in check, I think this will help me get back my lost resistance, so I can better make informed decisions that will contribute significantly to my life without always giving in, taking a step back, refining the situation, understand your counterpart and then acting appropriately for the best results.

If this doesn’t say “Hell Yeah, let’s do this” then I do not know what does. I hope you too had started with the schedule and focused on achieving this goal to meditate daily.

While I went into giving time to meditate, and learning to nature this skill, I am happy to share that I am on the role, going strong on meditation with 10 days without skipping, I am also doing it twice a day, this is something to feel good about.

Building a sustainable sense of ease and calm takes time, it’s not a quick fix to making life’s problems disappear, no matter how much you try, resisting only creates tension, allow yourself to do things one step at a time, all you need to do is commit.

Share your progress and let us know how you been taking it and if this is your domain, please share how the journey has been. We always want to hear from you.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly


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