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Money, Investments and Insurance

Let’s be honest, growing up has never been easy, because every year you learn that you become less and less dependent on your current providers, either for food security, health and safety, and most importantly finance. The one thing that drives us.

To afford yourself, you need finance. Money comes in any direction, but only a few are able to harness and see in all directions, while the rest are needy and dependable on jobs to make a living.

When you grow up, you learn that you need more money to live, and when your current job doesn’t give you enough pay scale, you think about a second job, then the third. Someone would advise you to live within your means, but that’s not easy to do, so we crave along and go into debts.

When you grow up, you have so much hope, great enthusiasm and a bright future ahead with dreams that can possibly come true. You go to school, receive education, then enter the employment industry to apply your knowledge. Your road of independence begins, you move out of your parents home into your own place, meet a partner and start a family and retire after a number of years.

While your life changes and you make gains and losses on your journey? One thing remains constant, the need of money and to make more of it, however it does not come easy and it becomes unbearable when you make bad decisions, sometimes not on purpose but frequently because of lack of financial literacy.

The sooner you learn that , when you make better decisions with your money, the greater your life will be , the more you will enjoy being alive. We all want financial freedom but we fail to educate ourselves about money.

It’s easy to talk about investing for great returns, about savings for dark ages and spending on needs rather than wants, but we don’t have the education that is required to understand what all of that means. If you think am talking crap and you understand all of these, then take a step back, analyze your finances and answer this question: Have I made better decisions about my money to gain financial freedom?

If your bank account is not fat, then start learning financial literacy. Go ahead and google “teach me how to be financially literate” and start there. I would advise you to read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.

When you grow up, getting into dept is easy, once you’re an adult it’s difficult to get out, because now you have a family and all these financial factors depending on you.

Please do not take anything at all on credit, if you can’t afford something, don’t save for it, yes don’t save, saving has never helped anyone at all, history has proven so, instead take the other road and invest, open an investment account and use those returns to buy what you need. Do not buy on credit.

Before you invest, (just to be clear to you, investing and saving are two different things, do not confuse them) anyways yes, before you invest, educate yourself thoroughly on financial literacy and understand how money flows. Don’t buy anything on impulse and always delay self instant gratification.

It’s easier when you young, but when you grow up, it’s more challenging.

It wasn’t easy for me and I didn’t understand it right away, but I knew it was never too late. The biggest company and industry that taught me the biggest lesson of all time how to gain financial freedom? Was the Insurance industry, if you study insurance and understand the core fundamentals of how it works, where your money goes and what it does? You will come to understand that the sooner you start Insurance yourself, the sooner you’re on your way to financial freedom.

This article main focus was to make you aware that while you’re unconscious about what impact your financial decisions have on your future, you have a chance to change that and start making better decisions about your money to live better tomorrow.

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