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4 Ways To Make It A Habbit

Personal presentation means the way in which you act or portray yourself in your life and as a result of your actions, either threats or rewards will occur.

It’s natural for us to feel threats and at the same time it’s our undeniable desire to love rewards. So let’s see how I can help you help yourself earn more rewards and feel less threatened.

Follow along as I will break the information into partial articles so that I just don’t bombard you with so much information and long tiring articles, I want you to be able to retain this information and use it in your life so you can see better results and live better.

I will first look at (1) How to grow, where I will take you through the challenges of growth, steps to take in your personal growth and how you can use these skills in your career growth, relationships, and life. This positive energy will manifest itself and you will begin to touch others and build great rapports and healthy relationships.

We will then go on to look at (2) Learning as a hobby, because we love hobbies, if we integrate learning into that, we will see significant changes in how we interact with the things we love, places we go to, our road trips and gaming. In all of this, your hobbies, you can learn so much that, it influences how you perceive things around you and when you learn it becomes so much fun as you would not be absent minded. This is one step closer to turning your growth into a habit.

I will take you through (3) Understanding Comprehension, now how do you understand understanding? Mmh, please read again. Yes how do you understand understanding, do you hear when you listen, or do you listen when you hear? Trick question? Nope, it’s simple, to listen means to pay attention and comprehend what is being communicated with you or towards you, this means that we need to do more than just to hear, we need attentive skills, we need to also understand deeply what’s being said, that’s why I will show you how to understand comprehension. Those who can comprehend and retain information are known to have great personal growth, healthy relationships and well groomed career growth. You are going to be one of them, you will need to work smart and comprehend well.

Lastly but not least, we will dive into (4) Competent Communication, this is where you will learn about the 10 great skills of communicating, when you have all these great skills, you will be able to make great conversations, build healthy relationships, show great confidence and talk to anyone in the world, easily answer questions and start a life of greatness.
If that’s what you need, then let’s begin.

To recap, the following is what we will look at:
(1) How to grow
(2) Learning as a Hobby
(3) Understanding Comprehension
(4) Competent Communication

These 4 skills will lead you into great personal growth, remember that we will break them down into partial articles, so I will Use the naming conversion so it’s easy to follow one article from the other.

(1) How to grow
Is the first one, let’s get into it…

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