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Do Your Research

In our modern day culture, how we do things have significantly changed as to how we used to do things in the past. Today I will show you how to research in 3 easy steps. Follow along and do the steps, the best way to learn and retain knowledge is by doing the actual work. Ready?

Step 1

Whenever or everytime you want to do a research, the most important thing is the topic, because your research topic will guide you of what is required for it to be successful. So

(1) Write down your topic then

(2) Create a mind-map

Every single time you encounter a new word, just go to and type “define mind-map” and the results will tell you the definition of the word or more information about your search, so you never have to struggle.

Once you have drawn your mind map, its not easy to know what you want to write about your topic, so unless you know your main points skip to step 2, if you don’t have your main points, stick around.

After drawing your mind map, the first 2 things you do is write down your

(3) Introduction and

(4) Conclusion

These 2 are tight down together because your Conclusion will complement or prove your Introduction.

Your Introduction needs to introduce your topic and give a little history or background about your topic. Your Conclusion will give or summarise the main points and leave your audience with something to remember. Relate it to your topic.

 Don’t struggle to write your Introduction, simply answer these questions about your topic

– What, How, Where and When? This is where you write about its definition, background, history and compare it to the present.

Write those questions on the mind map, already by this time you know what is the first thing to do.

This will take you a while, it’s work and it’s a skill that no one can ever take away from you.

Your topic should be clear and help you in achieving your goal, what do I mean? Your topic should give you a clear idea of what information you need your audience to know, it should make things easy by giving you points to share, it’s also easy to come up with new points.

With your topic, what do you want your audience to know, what should they do with the information you giving them? These questions should help you discover your

(5) Main Ideas

Write those Main Ideas on the mind map. They should tell the audience facts about the topic, benefits, causes and problems associated with the topic, solutions and recommendations about the topic.

Ideally the Main Ideas are the information you want the audience to know, whether it’s informative, Entertaining and motivating or simply to just pursuade them into doing something or to stop doing something.

Look at your mind map, you should have a (1) Topic, (3) Introduction, (4) Conclusion and (5) Main Ideas. If you don’t have this, please re-do Step 1 before going to Step 2.

Well-done if you did everything correctly, now you are ready for Step 2.

Step 2

To do Step 2 successfully, you should have done Step 1 successfully as Step 2 is dependent on Step 1, most of your work (Hard work) is done on Step 1, Step 2 is a breeze (Smart work).

To do this you first look at the (1) Topic, which will help you write the (3) Introduction that will blend into your (5) Main Ideas and have a great closing with your (4) Conclusion.

Do you see the flow? Hopefully you said “Yes” lols.

Ohk, now depending on your Topic, it should automatically tell you, if you need either of the following platforms and which is best suited to answer your questions, remember to not rely on one source but to use multiple sources.

(6) Research platform(s)

– Internet

– Online Libraries

– Local Library

– Interviews

There are many platforms, the above mentioned should give you a head start and answer 80% of your questions. You are welcome to explore more platforms like visiting a Museum.

Now that you have your (2) Mind Map and your (6) Research Platforms, do the research, find answers to your questions, gather facts and opinions, visit the internet, go to a library or do the interviews by asking those questions noted on your mind map.

You’re a star and you will get that research done!

Step 3

Now that you have went through thick and thin, in and out to get those facts and information about your topic, it’s time to write down what will go into your paper.

There is so much information out there, it’s confusing, but the truth is, when you doing the searching and gathering, some of the information you discover will hit the light bulb in your head and you will know immediately it’s what you want in your paper.

Write only the important stuff, and according to your (5) Main Ideas. Always remember Step 1 when writing your paper.

Structure your paper in this format:

– Topic

– Introduction

– Body (All Main Ideas)

– Conclusion

– Sources

At the end of your research paper, note your sources and give credit. They deserve it for helping you achieve your purpose.


The 3 steps discussed above are the core principles of doing research, I have been using them throughout and everytime I research any given topic, the research is informative, entertaining and motivating at the same time. Do your Research 🙂

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