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The Best You

Welcome back to DaBlaqNews for another experience under the influence of “Social Expectations”. Today we dive into morals , behavior and the illusion of occurrences.

Love but do not trust, listen and hear more when you quiet, forgive but do not forget and this one that resonates, keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

These are defenses used to fight against disappointments, betrayals and attacks that aim at destroying your inner peace, but could u really find peace in such circumstances when u constantly battling against self-esteem, self-strength and goal leadership. Proving yourself worthy of others and constantly seeking approval from family members, friends and those partial to your growth?

Why not stick to who you are, the way you are, improve where you lack, grow and appreciate self-well-being. It’s hard I know, to ignore, to pretend all is well, and stay strong in the face of the ugly.

Why does friendship, family and brotherhood/sisterhood come through when it’s beneficial to other party, all along they have been calling you family, best friends, great colleagues, best playmates, buddies etc, but as soon as you are at fault, they’re quick to shut you down, quick to call you names, and quicker than lightning to see you drop dread without shame, as they hate on you and all that is you with their might, without the chance to take you on and understand your personal endeavors,

Is it only about them, do you not matter, should you die at ones command? Learn the role you play, understand that anyone is a victim, live yours truly and keep that defensive armor with total recharge ready to fire at command.

Understand that people will always cut you off as soon as you are no use to them, this way you learn to value your own True Self. Stay who you are no matter what, believe in whatever makes you happy, and remain a loyal servant to your goals to the last day, for you can do anything you set your mind to and have been set for greatness. Unleash your potential. Unlock that door and claim your victories.

Today. Tomorrow. Everyday

Yours Truly

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