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For a very long time, we have focused on analogy and functional machines, we wrote programs that did steps 1, 2, 3 until the desired results. Career goals have been geared up to this sort of developments, where people work on machinery for big companies.

Engineering has been a focused concept on developing material structures hardwired to sustain thrusts, impactful to getting things done in the respective environments.

Internet came about, a way for the world to connect , share information and make research easier than reading a thousand books in an institute library.

We can all agree we’re engaged more on digital platforms, yes analogues still exists and they will for the next millennium, but the world is going digital. It’s only a matter of time before everything is digitized.

So what do we do, why do we still seek analogue engineering more than gearing up to digital aspects?

Our generation needs to be digitally engineered. We need people who will take this world to where it needs to be, high tech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Adversarial Networks, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Natural Language processing and Speech recognition are just examples of what we need to learn as youth, as young people who significantly have the desire to change and drive this world to the future.

I cannot do it alone, but together we can. I intend on writing about those topics to explain what they are and how you can get involved.

When you learn programming in computer science, you start to see how amazing and easy it is to make your dreams come true, how you can be able to create anything, whatever you think, learn the way and make it a reality. Hardware is easily accessible to prototype just about anything you desire.

You don’t need to go to a university institution to get this knowledge, it’s freely accessible online, all you need is the determination and discipline to act and make your dreams come true.

Digital engineering is what the world needs right now, and you need to become one.

To get started, visit and learn the basics of web development (HTML5 and CSS), learn the markup languages and JavaScript, then learn Server Side languages ( PHP and Python). When you confident enough. Go into databases with MySQL and Postgres SQL.

By then you should be interested and seeking more advanced concepts. Head over to under Tutorials Library you should see all the technology and platforms you can use to advance as a Digital Engineer.

We spend too much time worrying about getting employed, applying for jobs and going through unbearable non stop career changes, seeking promotions and high positions when this time can be spent building your own dynasty that will last you and your family a life time of wealth.


Website: W3Schools

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Website: Tutorialspoint

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It’s time you started your own.

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