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Interesting Things To Know About

Ever heard someone say “You’re a Brand”, maybe the term “Brand Ambassador” comes to mind? Yes, just like a Brand Ambassador for any given company, it’s image is very important to the culture. Your image, reputation, what people see and how you do things, your values and principles are the “Brand” people see and admire or aspire to be, like when you’re a role model and people look upto you. This is what we call a good brand, this is what you want. If I am right, then let me take you through it and teach you how to present yourself well and sell yourself as the greatest Brand.

Mindfulness Brain Training Day 2

Interesting Things To Know AboutWhat is important is how we relate to our thoughts and how we acknowledge becoming distracted by them. Day 2 of the “Brain Train” is a journey to self-growth, meditation and learning analytical skills. I decided to do this twice a day,...

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Mindfulness Brain Training

Interesting Things To Know AboutMeditation isn't about getting rid of your thoughts, it's about learning how to be at ease with them. Train of thought, during my amazing day I had, going through the YouTube videos, there has been this thought that was subconscious and...

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Personal Growth Should Be A Habit

Interesting Things To Know About  Personal presentation means the way in which you act or portray yourself in your life and as a result of your actions, either threats or rewards will occur. It’s natural for us to feel threats and at the same time it’s our undeniable...

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